Climate management

Plant cultivation under controlled conditions to obtain the maximum harvest in less effort.

The Novaspex team offers you efficient, easy-to-use, comprehensive and modern climate management solutions.

Environmentally controlled operations:

  • Hydroponic greenhouses
  • Earth greenhouses
  • Seed greenhouses
  • Tree nurseries
  • Vertical farms
  • Aquaponics installations
  • Mushroom cultures
  • Insect cultures
  • Duckweed cultures
  • Fish farms

Automatically and remotely control and monitor water, air, lighting, ventilation and all other important parameters.

Perform readings and controls on the following:



EC (Electrical conductance)

Nitrite and Ammoniacal nitrogen

Water temperature

O2 in water

CO2 in water

Flowmeter (for water consumption counter)

Air Humidity

Air temperature

Air CO2

Soil temperature

Soil humidity

Rain detector

Light intensity

Electrical Currents

Water tank level

Flood sensor

Water level switch

Motion sensor

Door open / close sensor

Access control


Water pumps

Air pumps




Air conditioner

Air heating

Floor heating

Irrigation sprinklers




Water heater

Water cooler

Automatic feed machine

Culture water nutrient adjustment machine

Automated door lock

Example of result easily obtained by NPX-Novalab

  • Read and record the history of your water EC and PH fluctuations
  • Add solenoid valves and dosing pumps to create a dosing system
  • Measures of total sunshine’s hours
  • Measures of total precipitation
  • Measures of total electric current consumption
  • Measures of total water consumption
  • Creates temperature and humidity graphs of the growing environment
  • More….

NPX-Novalab will bring your business (small, medium or large) to the top of innovation and productivity.