NPX-Novalab Software

  • Our local and cloud-based data collection, automation and notification software offers an intelligent analysis service that allows the user to obtain the “perfect recipe”.
  • This tool increases and maximizes production, employee performance and makes the various management departments of your business more efficient.

NPX IOT Wellio Controller

  • WellioMCU is our latest generation of fast IOT / Gateway controllers that offer multiple automation features
  • WellioServer is an electronic input and output module working with a Raspberry PI microcomputer. It serves as a sensor controller to collect and transmit data.
  • WellioLTE is a mini input and output controller that uses cellular network to communicate and uses SMS-2-WAY technology. Notifications and ON-OFF control of equipment is done by SMS on your cell.

NPX Sensor Interface

Controlleur IOT qui fonctionne avec le LTE
  • NPX-SI-POE is a new sensor interface approach, using POE technology over network cables, optimizing the quick and efficient deployment of different sensors.
  • NPX-WSI-IOT is a sensor interface which allows the wireless and battery interconnection of several sensors in the same installation; greenhouse, fields, building, forest.